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Community Education Spotlight!
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Your go-to resource page for activities, events, programs, and services to 
 prevent and address substance misuse and mental health concerns. 
Welcome to the Community Education Spotlight!
Phoenix R. Kawamoto is the Community Education Coordinator for the Office of Community Wellness in the Town of New Paltz. They work with key stakeholders, parents, and youth to develop and coordinate workshops, programs, and activities for all ages to address substance use disorders and behavioral health challenges within the New Paltz community. 
Phoenix continues to draw from an extensive network of community-based organizations, service providers, businesses, etc. who continue to donate their time, expertise, and resources to foster wellness, recovery, and hope within this community. 
Here are some of the events and programs that are being coordinated through the Office of Community Wellness:
  • Parent Information Programs
  • Youth Development Activities
  • Wellness Activities and Events for All Ages
  • Suicide Prevention & Intervention Training
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Recovery Month Celebration
  • And more!
Suicide Prevention and Grief Support Resources
Suicide is occurring at increasing rates across the country and across many different age groups. Schools and communities across the country are utilizing a growing body of research and resources to assist their efforts to reduce suicide risks and increase support those who are suffering and may be considering suicide.
The Community Education Coordinator has created a web-page dedicated to suicide prevention and grief support resources. It will continue to expand and evolve in the days and months ahead.
Together with key stakeholders and professionals across many different sectors within the community, Phoenix is working with key stakeholders representing many different organizations and sectors (i.e. law enforcement, first responders, behavioral health professionals, clergy, local governmental leaders, administrators and support staff, and prevention professionals) to:
  • Share information and observations regarding emerging trends
  • Gain more understanding of local needs and strengths
  • Investigate effective approaches that have helped other similar communities
  • Develop informed strategies
  • Maximize different pools of resources available
  • Increase the frequency and number of evidence-based trainings offered to peers, parents, professionals, and other community members in New Paltz

To visit the site and learn more, click here. 

Countdown to New Paltz Eve!
We are gearing up for this year's 4th Annual New Paltz Eve celebration! Click on the New Paltz Eve logo to learn more information and see the schedule of FREE activities that will be taking place in New Paltz on Sunday, December 31st, 2017.
There are numerous events and programs that are coming up in the months ahead... Stay tuned and stay in touch!
Please check this page for regular updates and monthly video news announcements. If you have additional questions
about upcoming events and activities, or have concerns pertaining to substance misuse and related topics,
please contact Phoenix Kawamoto at (845) 256-5014.